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Wild Bounty

The store design is based on the idea of expressing the power harnessed in New Zealands natural environment.

Cues from the brands' packaging design, a controlled pallette of materials and forms are combined into a distinctive retail experience that elevates the products.

A large plant wall creates a striking shopfront image, while inside long tiered solid wood display shelves stand out against the subtly angled lines of the perimeter walls and the soft tones of the terrazzo flooring.

A lot of care was put in designing the product presentation. A selection of display and tester trays, graphic displays and visual merchandisng guidelines make the product range very accessible.

Cork display columns with plated steel inserts showcase key offers. A graphic wall with a striking three dimensional treatment acts as a background for the cork-and-glass service counter.

Playful details such as the handles and railings, display tools and the yellow gridlines that lead the first floor treatment room complement the experience.